Perpetual Flow

New satellite images allow us view the “Perpetual Flow” land Art on Google Maps and Google Earth (go to google maps).

“The more important my subject matterthe bigger the scale of my work. The entire world should know about the greenbelt project.”


For the 2019 Lavazza Calendar “Good to Earth”, Gerada created “Perpetual Flow” in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Running water flows between the fingers of two huge hands that extend over a remarkable 37 thousand square meters, created using a rake and 36 tonnes of gravel and symbolising the challenge of irrigating the desert to create a greenbelt around the city.

The inhabitants of Ouarzazate, a city known as “the door to the desert”, have successfully protected it against sandstorms by creating a greenbelt around the city that requires the use of innovative irrigation systems: waste water is recycled, collected, filtered in reservoirs and then pumped into the greenbelt with the aid of clean power generated by the Noor Ouarzazate power plant, the biggest in North Africa. In the greenbelt, the population has found new recreational spaces and another reason to protect the local environment and the biodiversity it contains.

A R T I S T : Gerada

P L A C E : Ouarzazate, Morocco

CHARACTERISTICS: “Perpetual flow” extends over 37,500 sq m and was created using a rake, stones found on the site, 36 tonnes of dark gravel and vegetable oil.

DESCRIPTION: Running water flows between the fingers of two huge hands in a “perpetual flow”, symbolising the ability to reuse water to create a greenbelt around the city and so protect it from sandstorms.

C U R I O S I T Y : Because of its sheer size, the work of art couldn’t be seen properly and admired from the ground, so Ami Vitale had to use an aerial shot taken with the help of a drone. 

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