£ 195

Gerada’s first published edition at Nelly Duff, ‘Ageless Innocence’ endeavours to encapsulate all the emotion and texture found in his original works. Printed with cutting edge flatbed technology and screen printed varnishes, ‘Ageless Innocence’ is not your average print. With raised varnishing and texture, it is almost as if each and every edition is a hand mounted-fragment of wall as Gerada’s original pieces are.

Based on an original work , Gerada finds texture and a unique canvas by tearing off sections of built up wall surfaces that often contain hundreds of layers of paint built up over tens to hundreds of years. Gerada then uses the unusual shape to dictate the placement of the face. The dichotomous relationship between the innocence of the childlike faces Gerada paints and the ancient, timeless nature of the wall surface creates a truly ageless piece that is as arresting as it is gently beautiful.

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Ageless Innocence