The inspiration for this project came comes from seeing Santa Coloma de Gramanet as an essence, a heart, a CŎR in which different stories of different hearts coexist. A city that unites 114 different nationalities, whit these nationalities representing its essence.

The word CŎR, of Latin origin, means heart, intellect and judgment; mind, soul and spirit; souls and people; The words CŎR and CORE come together, like the past and the present. CORE means essence; heart and nucleus. This project wants to put in value the CŎRE of Santa Coloma, that observing its urban morphology and its map we will be able to perceive this in graphic form.

The spirit of a city cannot be defined only by its historical heritage, a city is not an inert object, nor is it the book that explains it. The city is inherently alive regardless of its temporality. A city is what it is, while never ceasing to be what it once was. Its heart is given by the people who inhabit it, and their stories, as a whole, make up the story of the contemporary city.


Organized by
City Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet.
Curated by – Anja Mila & Arcadi Poch.
Production by – Natalia Garcia (Cooperativa La Bonita).

Aerial images by – @delabrave

Photography – Fer Alcala
Assistants – Juan Alonzo and Chan McCrew.
Many thanks to all the neighbors that offer their hearts to their city every day.

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