Buenos Aires – 2015

David is an 11 year old child studying at the Isauro Arancibia Education Center, located at 1318 Paseo Colón, in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, where two hundred children and youth who live on the streets or are in danger of becoming homeless attend kindergarden, elementary school and primary studies for adults. Knowing that no child would learn on an empty stomach the school also offers food to the students.

This institution was threatened by possible demolition to build the trace of the Metrobus that will pass through the area. The building, which still serves young people in marginal situation, has no heat and no maintenance tasks are performed by the State due to the new urban planning.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada made this mural to help visualize the problems of this School. Please give your support to help found the school to prevent more children to be on the streets, please contact the Centre ( target=”_blank”>http://www.centroeducativoisauroarancibia.org/p/contacto.html)

To make this mural Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada he had the support of friends Res Nonverba, a producer of art in Buenos Aires, Argentina who made a documentary record of the development of the work.

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