Paris – 2014

“Grounded Gratitude” was created by Cuban American artist, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada for the In Situ Art Festival in Fort d’Aubervilliers, Paris (France) in April 2014.

It is one of the largest realistic portraits ever painted (4000 sq. ft/1200m2) and the technical and artistic qualities of the work are breathtaking. These unique works are viewed in numerous ways, visible as a whole from the sky, through its documentation viewed virtually and at the location where visitors established an atypical relationship with a painted artwork with the unique experience of walking through it.

A work rooted in its urban and social context

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada pays particular attention to the choice of his subjects. The intervention on the ground is very symbolic and strong. It is often unsung heroes who work in the shadow of the spotlight, without media coverage, while they nevertheless deserve recognition. Mrs Picquart has worked for many years creating social links in this popular area of Aubervilliers. It is through her commitment for social and labour integration of the poorest residents, particularly women and young people, that she has created such a possitive impact in her community.

A unique artwork seen on Google

Google Earth / Maps is a contemporary atlas: Visible at any time, at any place, constantly referenced by millions of users. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada creates the piece with the purpose of having it photographed from above to incorporate place, topography, and time into the narrative.

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