San Antonio, USA – 2015

Nyssa is a 10 year old girl who became the model of a Identity Series intervention created by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada in San Antonio Texas. This portrait, painted directly onto the Christopher Columbus Italian Society parking lot next to the inlet structure of San Pedro Creek, alludes to the diverse populations of San Antonio.

The chosen location is important on different levels: For many years it was a racial dividing line that will now become a pivotal area of social cohesion after the completion of the San Pedro Creek Park project led by Muñoz & Company.

Part of the parking lot where the “Nyssa” painting was created had been excavated by archeologists who have found proof that this was most likely the original location of the first San Antonio settlement. The piece looks to the future of San Antonio based on the concept of “mestizaje” and cultural exchange.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada was invited by Henry Muñoz III to come to San Antonio and create a project together.

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