Barcelona – 2015

I completed this mural in Barcelona, the city which inspired me to start this adventure with portrait murals 13 years ago. Made in collaboration with Difusor and the Centre Civic Sant Martí as part of Difusor´s programme for the 2015 Open Walls Conference, it is located in the intersection of Carrer de la Selva de Mar with Rambla de Guipúscoa on a wall 10 meters wide and 28.5 meters high. The subject is a composite portrait created by combining facial elements from 10 different women who I photographed in the neighbourhood, all brought together into one image which represents and celebrates the local community. This permanent mural will serve as a reminder to the community of the value of each individual, and specifically, the vital role of the woman. The title “Panorama” refers to the mural’s integration in the city landscape as well as alluding to the changing face of the world, the elevated portraits highlight the humanity present in all of us – an important point to remember in these troubled times.

The mural is presented within the third Openwalls Conference, a city wide urban art festival with international seminars given at the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), various murals and urban interventions around the city, and many more activities revolving around urban art. It has been an honour to be included in the programme, to work together with the Centre Civic Sant Martí, and to share my work with the people of Barcelona once again. My sincere thanks go out to all those who made it possible.

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