This work by cuban american artista Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada brings into discussion themes that deserve urgent attention such as global warming, the use of petroleum, the accumulation of green house gases in the atmosphere as well as rethinking the types of cities we will create in the future.

The artist works around diverse concepts that range from the construction of identity to the concern for the environment, science, innovation and creativity.
The unification of these themes make evident a concern for social movements reflected in the artwork, and opens the possibility of creating a collaborative and participative experience where creativity becomes a social event that creates community.

The creative process is always unique and the chosen materials of each artwork are as important as the concept of the piece, because the materials also add to the narrative of the work.

In CONTEXT/Breathe Rodríguez-Gerada created an urban intervention in Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou. The sculpture consists of a series of forms that create specific a shadow. It is based on the use of sun path analysis and creates a perfect shadow at a specific moment of the day with the message “Breathe” in an área of 20 square meters.

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