Arguedas, Spain 2018


“Rufina” is one hundred and two years old. She is from the small town of Arguedas in Navarra, Spain which is where I painted this mural of her.
She was born during the First World War, and lived to see the first televisións, the discovery of penicillin, she saw horses become replaced by cars and tractors, she lived through the Spanish Civil War and then through a dictatorship. She now has photos taken of her with smartphones.
I believe that we have to honor and understand the past in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. My sincerest thanks to Rufina and her family, @avantgardetudela@culturatudela_castelruiz Arcadi Poch, Soledad Aragón, Emilio Floristan, Miren, JoseLuis and many more.

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